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Introducing Tivoli Road Bakery Pantry Pack.  Order online and we'll deliver this delightful box to your door. Not only will you receive fresh bread, milk by St David's Dairy, eggs by Burd Eggs and butter from Pepe Saya, we'll also treat you to our special Tivoli Road Granola and perhaps most importantly a couple of pastries too! 1 x loaf the legendary Tivoli Road Bakery sourdough bread 2 x decadent Tivoli Road Bakery pastry items 1 x Tivoli Road Bakery granola bag 12 x Burd chook eggs 1 x 2ltr bottle St.David full cream milk 1 x 225gm Pepe Saya cultured butter 1 x roll Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper (Yup!) Box of veggies with a value of $10 - product may vary What are you waiting for, order now. Find Tivoli Road Bakery on Instagram and Facebook