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Hazelnut Salted Chocolate Cookie (N)


Our hazelnut salted chocolate cookie offers a trio of tastes to enjoy as a snack or treat at anytime of the day.


When it comes to cookie flavours, our hazelnut salted chocolate cookies offer that popular hazelnut flavour that coffee lovers especially adore - it is such a nutty delight that always makes any occasion all the more enjoyable!

Irresistibly crunchy, these cookies can be enjoyed as special anytime treats or those welcome lunchtime indulgences at work. Even better, these cookies are perfect ideas for gifting too, especially for someone who loves sweet and salty flavours.

Go ahead, spoil yourself or someone special - these cookies are sure to make life all the more sweeter.

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar,Butter, Eggs, Corn Starch, Dark Lint' Chocolate, Hazelnut, Rock salt
Egg Milk Wheat

Please note: All of our products may contain traces of cereals containing gluten, milk, eggs, and Wheat

Cupcakes are for life’s best moments – and that means having treats that are accessible for everyone. Know how we deal with gluten, nuts, and animal products in our baking here.

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