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Cupcakes That Feel Like Melbourne

How would you describe Melbourne?

Sophisticated. Stylish. Beautiful.

But it’s also bold, defiantly different, with secrets and surprises down every alley.

It’s a city of layers and flavours – and it’s what inspires us when we create our cupcakes.

We start with the basics: high-quality, locally sourced ingredients (including free-range eggs).

Then our artisans get to work, blending and creating and innovating to make cupcakes that build on traditional recipes with fresh, exciting twists.

And once the last layer of icing has been carefully applied, we send our cupcakes out into the world – fresh to our stores every morning, or shipped directly to you.

No long storage periods. No weeks of freezing or refrigerating. Some things are designed to be experienced fresh – and Little Cupcakes are one of them.

A Little Joy for Every Occasion

When we founded Little Cupcakes in 2007, we asked ourselves: what’s the point of a cupcake?

The taste, the convenience, the creative icing … those traits make cupcakes great, but they aren’t why people buy them.

They aren’t why we’ve delivered millions of cupcakes to around one million Australians.

So what’s the reason people keep coming back to our stores time and time again?

It’s simple.

Cupcakes are effortless. They’re delightful. They’re fun.

But, most importantly, they’re made for occasions.

They’re made to sit side by side with dozens of other cupcakes, to be carried into conversations, to complement a great atmosphere.

They’re the food you eat when you’re at your happiest, when you’re with the people you love, when you’re dancing or talking or celebrating.

Cupcakes are for life’s best moments – and that makes them worth buying again and again and again.

First Nations Foundation

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, who are the traditional custodians of the land on which our baking kitchen and shops sit.

We also pay our respects to their Elders past and present, and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

As part of that deep respect, we are committed to supporting the financial education of all First Nations peoples, which we accomplish through contributions to First Nations Foundation.

First Nations Foundation is a financial wellbeing charity led by a First Nations-majority board since 2006.

With a positive performance record and a reputation for agility and innovation, the foundation collaborates with First Nations communities and the financial sector to provide financial education, training and information.

Change requires a breadth of perspectives, insights, and knowledge – and needs to be led by First Nations organisations like First Nations Foundations.

We’re proud to support their mission of tackling the financial challenges facing First Nations communities.

Visit First Nations Foundation!

Save the Children

We bake to bring joy to everyone – not just the people who can afford to buy our cupcakes.

That’s why we support Save the Children, the world’s leading independent organisation for children.

With a presence in 117 countries that annually helps around 39 million vulnerable children, Save the Children has four key goals:

• Improving the health of children and reducing mortality rates from preventable diseases
• Providing access to quality education so children of all genders can learn in safe, positive environments
• Reducing child abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence
• Providing resources and emotional support during natural disasters to improve resilience and recovery

A better world starts with the next generation – and charities like Save the Children help make sure that they’re as safe, healthy and empowered as possible.

Visit Save The Children!


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